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This web search is designed to help individuals who are receiving services from Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) select a service provider. Individuals are able to select a provider based on where they live, the services they need, and on the provider's experience working with specific populations.

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Service Categories

Assessment Services are used to gather information about an individual to determine eligibility or to identify a vocational goal. Services may include simulated on-the-job evaluations, paper or computerized interest and aptitude tests, etc.
Benefits Analysis
Benefits Analysis reviews a person's benefits and discusses how employment may impact them. Benefits Analysis may also be used to discuss work incentives to maximize earnings and access other benefits, such as medical coverage, to enhance employability.
Business Technical Services
Business Technical Services include assistance to individuals to establish and run their own business. It can include assistance in developing the business plan, market research, and providing supported follow up after the business has been in operation.
Disability Skills Training
Disability Skills Training Services include ADL Self Skills Training and Travel Training. Services are aimed at assisting individuals to live independently so that they may work and to travel using public transportation.
Employment Services
Employment Services are related directly to finding potential job opportunities, getting the job, learning job tasks, and keeping the job. Services include customized employment, person centered planning, interviewing skills, job development, job coaching, and job retention services.
Interpreting includes sign and foreign language interpreting, closed captioning, and other adaptive means to ensure effective communication.
Job Readiness
Job Readiness Services are designed to assist individuals with barriers to employment develop appropriate work behaviors, build stamina, etc. Service is delivered in a work setting or may take the form of short internships.
Miscellaneous Training
Miscellaneous Training does not lead to a recognized degree or certification and is not typically offered by a community, technical/community college, business school, or adult education center. Miscellaneous Training should be geared towards teaching in-demand work skills. Miscellaneous training may also include driver's permit training.
Other Services
Other Services are services that the vocational rehabilitation program may purchase on behalf of an individual to assist them in securing and maintaining employment. Most commonly this includes services such as transportation.
Rehabilitation Technologies
Rehabilitation Technologies are used to adapt equipment and job sites to allow people with disabilities to successfully complete the essential job functions. Modifications may include physical changes to the environment, adaptive software for computer access, etc.
Transition Services
Transition Services include programs that include both an educational and vocational component. There are two types—one geared to younger students (14 - 15) to help them learn about potential careers and the other for older students (16 - 22) to provide work experiences.
Treatment Services include medical (occupational, speech, and physical therapy), psychological, and dental services.
Vision Services
Vision Services include clinical and functional low vision services as well as Orientation and Mobility. Services are designed to augment existing vision and help people navigate independently on the job and in the community.

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